ESL One Cologne 2014: New Map Pool and Veto Mode Announced


For the third ever $250,000 community funded tournament at Gamescom in Cologne ESL will be showcasing a new map pool and a new way to decide the maps to be played to bring you even more action from ESL One Cologne 2014.

Valve has decided to make changes to the competitive map pool, which was not only used for CS:GO’s matchmaking, but also for Dreamhack Winter and Katowice. Train, the most vetoed map during Katowice, has been moved to reserve, meaning it’s not completely out of the game, but not in the map pool for the tournament.

New additions are Cache, Overpass and Cobblestone, which will all make their first official appearance at the ESL One Cologne 2014 main event but not the qualification stages for the event.

Cache has already been around for quite some time and now makes it to the list of official and competitive CS:GO maps. Cobblestone is the reinvention of old de_cbble, a CT biased map back in CS 1.6 and CS:S, the new version is set to break these memories, but has received mixed opinions. Last but not least, Overpass is also being picked as one of Valves original maps, which we suspect will be vetoed even more than Train.

Both Overpass and Cobblestone had been released back in December, some days after the first $250,000 tournament for community and offline play.

Now, in Cologne, teams will keep vetoing maps until only three maps are left in the pool. These three maps will be put into a random generator picking the map to be played in a Best of One series or the decider map in Best of 3 series.

The system works like this:
Best of One: Veto A – Veto B – Veto A – Veto B – Randomized map out of the three remaining
Best of Three: Veto A – Veto B – Pick A – Pick B – Randomized 3rd map out of the three remaining

Find all details about the tournament on the ESL One website or in their rulebook.




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