How to Build a Horse Monument in Minecraft


This is a tutorial for a simple Horse statue. I wanted a medium sized build that was simple. You can use any block that has stairs and slabs. I will try and keep this tutorial simple, but feel free to experiment with different block placements, colors and aesthetics.



The Statue’s dimensions are: height – 17, length – 15, width – 3


First we will start with the body. The emerald blocks are the placement of the hooves and the center of the front legs. The diamond blocks are the overall outline of the body with iron blocks filling in the spaces between (to help define the layout of the body). Use whatever blocks you want (cobble, wood, quartz, etc) in place of the diamond/iron blocks.


Now we use stairs (stone brick stairs) and slabs (acacia slabs) to give the body shape.


Add the legs (diamond blocks) on top of the body finishing with stairs and slabs. Obviously it’s not perfect but I am happy with the overall results. You could adjust the placement of some of the stairs and slabs if you don’t like the finished product. Also, experiment with different colors, patterns, Armour or whatever. Hopefully this tutorial was easy to follow!



contributed by /u/whiskeyjack00




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