Using Your Tools for Another Trade: Using eSports Equipment for Casino Games


We all know that a great gaming experience is dependent on three things: the game, your skills and your equipment. The game you choose will always be a matter of personal preference, while your skills are something that will improve over time. However, when it comes to equipment, there are plenty of high-quality items out there that will enhance your experience. For example, most serious players will notice the difference between a standard mouse and the ZOWIE ZA13 when you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Aside from being more responsive, the dedicated gaming mouse is designed to support different grip types (palm or claw) and offer more buttons. The end result is a mouse that allows you to aim and attack more effectively than a regular mouse.

While the effectiveness of specially designed keyboards, headsets, mice and more is undeniable in the competitive gaming world, what about outside of it? Today, “gaming” is a broad term that encompasses a number of disciplines. With this being the case, it’s worth considering whether the tools of your trade can be used in elsewhere in the gaming industry to enhance your experience. Of course, we know that a high-quality gaming mouse like the SteelSeries Rival 600 will only really come into its own when you’re racing through a game like CS:GO. However, that doesn’t mean it can offer some unexpected benefits to other forms of gaming.

Approach Casino Games Like a Gamer

One of the biggest sectors of the industry at large is online casino gaming. Going live in the late nineties and worth $51 billion today, online casino games are both extremely and varied. Online video slots are a prime example. Today, there are thousands of slots and each one is about high-octane action, bonus rounds and big wins. According to this King Cashalot game review, the five reels and nine paylines are spread out over a simple interface. However, in order to unlock the game’s true value, you need to align three or more special symbols. Whether it’s jesters that can earn you 50 free spins or King Cashalot symbols that release the progressive jackpot, you need to invest a little time in order to get the most bang for your buck. In this instance, a solid gaming mouse would certainly be an advantage. Because the average spin takes less than a second, you could be clicking your mouse hundreds if not thousands of times per hour in the pursuit of a jackpot. Although most slots allow you to auto spin, most players prefer to have more control over the action and, therefore, opt for the manual approach.

Away from slots, table games such as blackjack and roulette can also be enhanced by the latest gaming equipment. Most online casinos allow players to use hotkeys in order to control the action. Whether it’s setting a bet, hitting the deal button or setting a roulette wheel in motion, most actions can be controlled via hotkeys. In practice, competitive gaming is a lot quicker than casino gaming, which is why a special keyboard is necessary. However, there’s nothing worse than spongy keys that you either have to hit with a hammer or press multiple times before they respond. Because casino gaming is as much about keeping your cool as making the right moves, there’s some potential value in using a gaming keyboard when you’re playing blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Indeed, the less time you can spend worrying about whether your keyboard is going to respond, the calmer and, therefore, more focused you can remain.

Sit and Concentrate in Style

The final piece of gaming equipment that could prove useful to an online bettor is a gaming chair. Anyone that’s played online poker will know that the average session can often run for hours at a time. When you’re locked into a cash game or tournament for an extended period, comfort is paramount. In fact, just as you need to keep calm and focused while you’re playing casino games, the same is true for poker. For many online pros, having a comfortable chair to use throughout their sessions is extremely important. Something like the Vertagear Racing Series SL4000 might seem like overkill. However, online poker players spend just as much time sitting as professional gamers and, in some cases, they make more money. So, in this sense, a solid chair is an investment rather than an expense.

The gaming industry has certainly raised the bar when it comes to hardware. Due to the ever-increasing demands of hardcore players, companies have been forced to make slicker, stronger and more efficient products. For those in other parts of the gaming industry, this has clearly been a positive as they can now enjoy an enhanced experience and feel like a real gamer.




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