The Evolution of eSports


With more than 113 million fans around the world, 147 million viewers and no more than $252 million in global revenues, it’s safe to say that eSports have become a powerful industry. This industry has even surpassed the revenue of the entire music industry in 2014, with brands like Intel, Samsung or Coca-Cola being some of its most precious sponsors.

eSports have also led to various gaming competition where professional players from all around the world gather to battle for the top prize. If you like to follow the events you can check the real time schedule of all the upcoming esports matches and tournaments on It’s a good service to keep yourself updated with the last matches and tournaments, so that you don’t miss one! With a global fan base expanding so fast, you may ask yourself: how did eSports become the industry that it is today? In order to find the answer to this question, let’s look at the factors that contributed to its evolution.

The beginning

Did you know that the earliest video game competition took place in 1972 in the Stanford University? The prize of that competition was a one-year subscription to the Rolling Stone magazine. Today, the winners of eSports tournaments can win over 18 million dollars. Dota 2 players are the best example for this. Their tournament has the largest prize pool.

Ten years ago, Jonathan Wendel, known as Fatallty, his gaming name, surprised the world with its gaming skills. He entered the Cyberathlete Professional League winning various tournaments. With this win came the money, and Fatallty received more than $350,000.

The popularity

The CPL competition was broadcasted partially on MTV. Back then, there wasn’t such a big interest in gaming. However, in 2014, the League of Legends World Championships had more than 32 million viewers online, which was more than the NBA finals.

The major factors behind this incredible growth are the popularity of the streaming platforms. Today, we can watch a live video on YouTube for free. However, the best platform on which a gamer can practice and become popular is Twitch.

Platforms such as Twitch have just killed the limited gaming experience. Now, more and more people are attracted to these communities. In addition to this, a viewer can even interact with the streamer, making the experience even more interesting. If you want to give it a price, then think that Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million. We believe that they knew what they invested in.

The prosperity of these kinds of platforms have increased the popularity of eSports and generated large revenues for the gaming industry. With these revenues came big sponsors and brands such as Nvidia or Intel.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that the true forces behind the growth of eSports are actually the streaming platforms. Twitch, for example, transformed the gaming industry forever. Also, it’s safe to say that this phenomenon will live forever because people will always enjoy playing video games.

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