Would you like more role-playing in your online gaming?


Everybody in the industry agrees on that: role-playing is on the rise. While MMOs are fun, MMORPGs give you a much more exciting multi-layered experience. The rising popularity of MMORPGs shows also in the funny reinterpretation of the acronym as “Many Men Online Role-Playing as Girls”. Don’t let it fool you, in case you are new to this world, it actually stands for  “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.” Some speculations expect virtual reality to help in bringing role-playing to the world of online gambling too. Follow how things will evolve for PA Online Casinos and you might find out soon.

In the meanwhile, fantasy lovers are the ones who are happiest with MMORPGs, since most of the games are set in in the realm of elves, orcs, and dragons. Maybe it is the effect of magic, but quite a lot of them have been around for years and they are still going strong. Thinking of World of Warcraft? Sure, it’s been around for more than fifteen years now. There are even older glories: Final Fantasy XI for example has been online since May 2002! You like extreme vintage? Then you can have a go at one of the oldest MMORPGs ever, Tibia by CipSoft, that was launched in January 1997.

Back to the future, here are three tips on new MMORPGs that you might be interested in. Some of them are still in development but mouth-watering, like the 3D mobile Warhammer Odissey by Virtual Realms, coming soon to Android and iOS devices. Virtual Realms, authors of a rather successful free MMORPG Celtic Heroes (2011), partnered up with Games Workshop, IP-owner of the defunct Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Thanks to this deal, mobile players will be able to enjoy action in iconic Warhammer locations like Marienburg in the Old World. Pre-registration is open on Warhammer Odissey website.

If you enjoy living in one or the other continent of a medieval world, Wild Terra 2: New lands is recruiting. And fundraising too. Developers Juvty have had Wild Terra Online (that will still be available when the sequel launches towards the end of 2020), a hardcore sandbox RPG in a completely player-controlled medieval world, on Steam since 2017. On Nov. 21, 2019, Juvty disclosed they had been working on a sequel since the beginning of the year. They explained why on Steam: “Developing Wild Terra, at some point we ran into the ceiling of technology. The old engine did not allow adding something really big and new — dungeons, bosses, day-night cycle, and many other things that you and we want to add for a very long time,” So they set out building the new world and opened it up to players’ investing and crowdfunding. Builder, Settler, Conqueror and Hero packs are on sale on their website. There you can find the description of what you will get for your money in terms of full game, closed pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta closed access.

Pokemon lovers, anyone? Then you will be excited at the new Temtem by CremaGames, scheduled to go online on Jan 21, 2020. Actually, Temtem is officially an MMO, but it will still give you a cooperative and customizable environment to enhance this Pokemon look-alike gaming experience. The hype in the media so far is mostly focused on how much Temtem is like or unlike Pokemon, but this misses the point. The easiest tip: give it a try and form your own opinion!




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