17 Of The Best Life Lessons You Can Learn From Video Games

Playing video games for long periods of time can and does have it’s benefits, below is 17 of the best life lessons you can learn from video games.

1. On your work ethic

world of warcraft wife2. On making wise investments

minecraft diamond hoe

3. On improving yourself

dark souls

4. On learning to face reality

oregon trail5. On the horrors of war and conflict

war never changes

6. On how to make career choices

sims lawn gnomes7. On budgeting

saving money8. On priorities

sims pizza money

9. On how to get ahead in life

more boosters10. On the value of good manners


11. On stranger danger

dont look at them12. On cleanliness

pick up the can13. On how cutting corners doesn’t help anyone

fall off rainbow road14. On how to deal with difficult personalities

eat them15. On fire safety

sims fire alarm16. On being a team player

counter strike17. On always looking forward

hold right




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