Kinguin Host $20,000 CSGO Tournament Called Operation


Kinguin is continuing it’s venture in to CSGO tournaments with a new 32 team tournament called Operation. This tournament has a prize pool of $20,000 and will feature such teams as PENTA Sports and Vexed Gaming.

All matches will be played out from Monday to Thursday at 18:00 and 20:30 CET, you can catch the action on Kinguin’s DingIT channel.

During the whole 8 week long tournament, you can have a 40% discount on CS:GO skins using OPKINGUIN discount code!


Week 1

Date: Game:
18/01/2016 – 18:00  PENTA vs Imperial Dragons
18/01/2016 – 20:30 Gambit vs BX3
21/01/2016 – 18:00 Vexed vs Granted
21/01/2016 – 20:30 Alientech vs Epiphany
22/01/2016 – 18:00 CSGOOne vs Team YP
22/01/2016 – 20:30 exMelty vs GameAgents


Week 2: 

Date: Game:
25/01/2016 – 18:00
25/01/2016 – 20:30 Space Soldiers vs [R]eason
26/01/2016 – 18:00
26/01/2016 – 20:30
27/01/2016 – 18:00 Alternate vs eXplosive
27/01/2016 – 20:30 Torpedo vs CW
28/01/2016 – 18:00
28/01/2016 – 20:30 ENCE vs Platinum

Participating Teams

Full list of participants:

Group A Group B Group C
CSGOLounge E-Frag Vexed
Gambit Gaming CSGO One Alternate ATX
BX3 Gaming Team YouPorn eXplosive
FM! eSports Nerd Rage Team Granted
Group D Group E Group F
Hell Raisers SK Gaming ENCE
LDLC White Epiphany Bolt Torpedo
k1ck AlienTech Copenhagen Wolves
Quiet Please LDLC Blue PLATINUM
Group G Group H
Space Soldiers PENTA
nEophyte ex-Melty
Epsilon Esports GameAgents
[R]eason Gaming Imperial Dragons




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