SK 16-0 Loss Sparks Controversy


SK Gaming, arguably the best team in the world right now, lost 16-0 to Renegades, a team that aren’t thought of as a tier 1 team anymore, in an ESL Pro League game on Dust2. Here’s the VoD:

After this loss coldzera, an SK Gaming player took to Twitter to vent his rage and here’s some of the tweets.

coldzera coldzera2 coldzera3

These inexcusable outbursts quickly resulted in coldzera’s Twitter account being deactivated which came along with this statement taken from coldzera’s Facebook (This has been translated):

“Only to get something off my chest!

I’m deactivating my twitter account because I’m a little tired of most of the children from nowadays who know only to criticize our bad moments, but when we win we’re gods. Today I decided to deactivate because this is affecting me in a lot of ways and I’ll be using just facebook cause I know here people are more chill and usually support us even in the tough times! About the showtime issue, there was already a talk here including him (I don’t want to put words in his mouth but in portuguese it means that the issue has been resolved) and I apologize for what I said in the heat of the moment. It is hard indeed for a player to stand-in for a team and on top of that be offended by an idiotic attitude of mine while I was worked up! Just to explain: our team changed on lots of aspects while fer is recovering. I left my confort zone to try to fill the void that we were having when creating plays with the guy that rotates, and showtime replaced me in my functions. I’m teaching him everything that I did to try to let our plays flow a little better, I know it’s tough because the positions I play require a little better aim and he will catch on with time. I hope you understand it’s not easy for you to have a teamplay for 8 months with fer always trying to have the “perfect teamplay” and with showtime we had only 6 days. So it’s not easy but we’ll practice even more to go back to where we were, and like I always said: “it may take long, but when I’m back I won’t lose to anyone anymore”

Good Night (Smiley Face, Thumbs up, Fist)”

A few hours later another statement was released, again via coldzera’s Facebook (This time in English):

“Hello Everyone,

i lost my cool after our game yesterday and i want to apologize to everybody who i have offended. I got into a heated argument after our devastating loss and wasn’t thinking rationally. We put everything we have into this game and sometimes it is difficult to keep calm when people disrespect our work. Thats a lesson i have to learn.
It is very important to me, that my words never intended to offend the LGBT community and i am sorry if they did. It wont happen again.
I hope that you can accept my apology and that you keep supporting us in these tough times for us. It means everything to our team.





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