Admins Response To Northern Arena Drama


stdxlejuke, the reddit user who shared this video had this to say:

The admin that was put in this position (behind HEN1) was NOT a real admin. What I mean by that is this guy was a volunteer, he was there to help people at the venue and that’s pretty much it.

The situation that happened is that for the finals the tournament manager asked for 4 admins on the stage. During the whole tournament there were 4 teams playing at the same time so 1 admin per team.

One of the admin was not available so he/tournament manager asked somebody to replace him. The volunteer accepted of course because his main “job” is to help us out no matter what.

I don’t want you to blame this admin. He wasn’t really one. He was trying to help without knowing the rules and what he actually had to do.

The huge mistakes of all this story are : – The rulebook being unclear about rules vs sanctions – The proper admin not being on the stage behind HEN1 and instead putting a volunteer. – HEN1 not playing with the headphones for 2 rounds.

If any of these would’ve been done correctly, this thread wouldn’t even exist.

Please don’t attack the guy that was put in this bad situation.. he was just a volunteer after all!

Thanks all!




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