UK CSGO Veteran In New International Team


HudzG, who has been playing top flight Counter Strike for over 10 years, features in a new international CSGO team.

The team features two Danes, a Spaniard, a Norweigan and a Brit. The team is currently looking for an organisation to represent.

“oW started talking to me again about the possibility of playing in an international team, something which I have enjoyed in the past. He mentioned that he has previously played with TorPe (whom  I knew well from Source) and NoTaN in several qualifiers and if I knew of any other player who might have been interested. This is where I contacted REASTEN as we had previously played together and kept in contact.” hudzG told

“We decided to get together and give it a go to see if we all enjoyed the game still and playing together in a competitive environment. After a short while it feels like everyone has clicked and is on the same wave length with what we would like to achieve. We know that it will be a long road ahead, being an international team (3 Scandanavian, 1 Spanish, 1 UK) however everyone speaks good English and is able to commit a lot of hours. We will hopefully be meeting up in January to bootcamp, and in the meantime hope to enter any qualifiers/leagues/cups that we can.”

The international team’s lineup:

George “hudzG” Hoskins
Kenneth “REASTEN” Kristiansen
Anton “NoTaN1dgl” Pedersen
Oliver “oW^” Winther
Rubén “TorPe” Jesús Gómez Rodríguez




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