CSGO Hill Goes On Sale – Gives Insight In To CSGO Betting Sites


CSGO Hill, a CSGO betting site, has been listed for sale on a website auction website. The 11-month-old website gives an insight into their revenue stream, visits and the impact in which the betting scandal affected the site.

Let’s first take a look at the traffic CSGO Hill is getting. The first screenshot shows the amount of traffic CSGO Hill has captured, the spike around June is most likely due to the added visibility of the CSGO betting scandal and then you can see the traffic completely drops off as the scandal plays out and it becomes clear that these betting sites are illegal. In the second screenshot, you can see the specific numbers for each month, the betting site went from 200,000 unique visits a month down to 70,000. In the final screenshot you can see where the traffic is coming from with Poland being the top country visiting the website.




Next, we’ll look at the financials of CSGO Hill. Despite the complete drop off of traffic the revenue is intact according to the reports from the website owner.

csgohill-financials csgohill-financials2

To back up these figures the CSGO Hill owner has supplied some proof of the money they have received.

csgohill-profit2 csgohill-profitcsgohill-profit3

Finally, here are the comments made by the CSGO Hill owner on the listing claims that this site is completely legal and their site is compliant with the Valve TOS as well as many other things.

Comments on the listing

CS:GO is one of the most popular “eSports,” with regular six figure tournament prizes. The publisher, a leader in the competitive gaming space, is heavily invested in the ongoing support of this game and associated franchise.

+ Consistent recurring revenue with a high profit margin
+ Appeals to a massive community of competitive gamers
+ “Gambling” level engagement without the legal hassle
+ Immediate audience for new marketing efforts:
> Facebook Fan Page (14000 likes)
> Twitter (3608 followers)
> Steam group (80000+ users)

+ Currently accepts Bitcoin, but other payment methods could be added for boost in revenue
+ Majority of players are from Poland, Germany, Romania, Turkey – a new owner could expand globally
+ This site is heavily automated, so it requires very little to manage. Nonetheless, the new owner should take steps to ensure reliability, uptime, and ongoing improvement.

What is this site about?

It’s jackpot for game Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Players deposit skins, once a time is over a winner will be choosen, with odds based on the values of it’s deposited skin, and awarded with the skins. We take 10% commision from every jackpot. Then our bot sell that commision skins and withdraw as real money (PayPal,Bitcoin,Bank Wire).

Site is 100% automatic, you don’t need to even spend 1 hour / week.

You will get automatic payouts everyday with no work needed.

How does the people gets their winnings on our site?

Our bot is sending the whole prize (minus 10% – this is our comission we take) to the winner in every round (a round lasts 1 minute – in this time every player can join the jackpot sending items to our bot). After the time ends, our roller is showing the winner and our bot is sending the prize to the winner automaticaly. Everything happens via Steam platform and every player need to set up his OWN tradelink URL (every player have different tradelink) and our bot is sending items to this link. Going further, players are accepting the trade offer made by our bot and can play again and again or just hold those items and sell them or just play with them in-game.

The sale includes:

Everything associated with CSGOHill.


– Hosting

– Domain

– Files

– Fanpage (14000 likes)

– Twitter (3608 followers)

– Steam group (80000+ users)

– Our partnerships

– Contacts

– Advertising ideas

– Free 24/7 support from our team (including developer, marketing and CEO) for 1 month

How was revenue able to stay relatively stable throughout the year, even though you had a big traffic spike in June and little to no traffic at the beginning of July?

When we had no traffic, it was only because we had some problems that we needed to fix altrough with our bots and we also didn’t have anyone to promote us (YouTubers). Now we’re much stronger, that’s why we got such a traffic and revenues.

Could you elaborate on how you work with BitSkins to monetize your business? How do you obtain the items sold on their site and gain commission off of them?

We’re just listing and selling the items to BitSkins and then we just click withdraw via Bitcoin on their site.

BitSkins has their own price data of the items and we’re just listing (automatic bot) the CS:GO skins on their site.

We gain comissions from every jackpot on our site. For example people put $50 worth of CS:GO skins, our system automatically choose winner and we get 10% from every pot.

What payment processor do you use to receive funds?

We receive funds on Bitcoin, it can be easily (in 5 seconds) changed to PayPal or Bank Wire.

What caused the traffic spike in June, and almost no traffic at the beginning of July?

In June we added referral program so that’s why, almost no traffic at beggining of July becouse of maintenance and site changes. It is stable traffic now.

Is it legal?

Yes, it is!

It’s perfect business to run becouse it’s not gambling, gambling is only when real money is involved. There are only CS:GO skins involved, they are not money (but they can be sold for money on 3rd party site like BitSkins), so there is no need for gambling licence becouse only CS:GO skins are involved. Also our site is Valve TOS compliant.





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