EGL 10 FIFA 13 Tournament 1v1 Preview


This weekend (10th August) the EGL 10 FIFA 13 tournament is taking place at the Ponds Forge International Centre. At this event we will see the best of the best come to battle it out on the virtual football pitch. It will be a 1v1 match on FIFA 13.

With sign-ups being accessible on the Friday, however access to the venue hall is forbidden, we are sure to see some of the best FIFA players in the UK be ready to play on Saturday.

The prize pool for this event is a nice £1,000.

All spectators or players attending EGL10 will be able to participate in the FIFA13 tournaments free of charge.

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments below!




Video on Demand:


Friday 9th August
Venue Opens: 3pm
Venue Closes: 6pm

Saturday 10th August
Venue Opens: 9am
Venue Closes: 11:59pm

Sunday 11th August
Venue Opens: 9am
Venue Closes: 11:59pm

The tournament also includes a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tournament on Xbox and PS3.




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