Road to Riches Ep.1 – FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Pack Openings, Wiz Khalifa and Kompany!


This Road to Riches blog series will highlight my journey through the new FIFA 14 Ultimate Team gamemode.

In this first episode we will be talking through what I have done on the Ultimate Team online web app. We will be opening packs, trading and a surprise guest.

First off when you use the web app you will be given a reward depending on how many years you have been playing FUT for. I was given multiple packs. In these packs I was lucky enough to get:

  • Oxlade-Chamberlain for Arsenal
  • Illarramendi for Real Madrid

…And that’s about it. As per usual a poor pack haul. Straight off we will list all of our starting players to try and raise some funds to start trading and making some money.

After listing all our original players we went right ahead and got some FIFA points to do some pack openings! In our first Premium Gold Pack we got:


As you can see, not a very good haul. Definitely not worth shouting about especially since Wiz Khalifa is the best player we got. Now to the next pack opening and after the last poor performance by the Premium Gold Pack I went with the standard gold pack…right after listing these players.

FUT14Wow, once again, a poor pack. At first glance I thought we might have gotten the decent Oscar but unfortunately not. It’s the one worth 350 coins. Great. On to the next pack!

FUTHEYYOO. Welcome to the team Vincent Kompany! Now, Kompany goes for approximately 44k coins however, I think we’ll hold on to him for a while until the game comes out on the 27th September.

Okay, so now we’ve got some money from the previous listings we can start doing a little trading. The best way that I have found to do this is to try and find gold contracts that are going for less than 300 coins in buy now and then sell immediately for 350 coins or more. This isn’t the fastest way but it is very effective and requires little to no gamesense.

For our target team this is what I have devised:

Hope you enjoyed episode one, this will go on throughout FIFA 14 and will be moving on to more game highlights in video form when the game actually releases.




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