Day 1 DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Fantasy Picks


DreamHack kicks off on the 28th October with the group stages, here are the group brackets. For a successful fantasy team you should always refer back to the teams that your pick will be playing and how likely they are in winning.


My first pick for ‘Commando’ is olofmeister. For this position you get +2 points for a kill, -1 point for a death and + bonus points for the players K/D difference. olofmeister doesn’t have the best K/D, flusha does and device is above olofmeister. I have picked device further on so we’ll discount him for now. I haven’t picked flusha because in the last tournament Fnatic played they had flusha calling, which will naturally make his K/D fall. If he calls for this Major then his K/D will fall, not something I want to risk.

For the ‘Clutch King’ I went with kioShiMa, he’s not usually the person you’d label as the clutch king but he had the most clutches out of everyone at Cologne 2015. Maybe it would be better to pick someone from or TSM, a team where their group isn’t as clear cut as EnVyUs’. This player gets +2 points per kill, -1 point per death and +4 bonus points for each kill as the last surviving member of their team.

Now back to device, he has the most pistol kills with flusha, apEX and Happy all close behind. Neo is also just behind Happy with device having 40 pistol kills, Happy 37 and Neo 33. It might have been better to pick Neo considering he has been AWPing for and therefore has a reason to use a pistol when it’s not a pistol round. The ‘Eco Warrior’ gets +2 points per kill, -1 point per death and +2 bonus points for every pistol kill.

Next is the ‘Entry Fragger’ role, I’ve chosen NBK. He was insane at the last Major and I expect him to carry his form. The stats say he got 34 opening kills at Cologne 2015 with apEX and JW just behind with 30 and 29 respectively. This role gets +2 points per kill, -1 point per death and +2 bonus points for every opening kill.

Finally for the Sniper role I have picked KennyS. He isn’t the leader in the stats, FalleN is with just one more kill than KennyS, 84. I think KennyS has improved since the last major; he played really well at DreamHack London. Plus, FalleN has to play against Fnatic, which could lower his stats for this group stage. However, the fact that the games could be closer for Luminosity as opposed to EnVyUs’ games could make FalleN beat KennyS in kills because Luminosity would play more rounds. The Sniper gets +2 points per kill, -1 point per death and +2 bonus points for every kill with a sniper rifle.

What’s your fantasy team lineup? I’d love to know, tweet us @Baconcape or post in the comments below.




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