The 5 Best Local Co-Op Games Of All Time


5. Artemis


Artemis is a spaceship bridge simulator, also known as a Star Trek simulator. Each player has a different control panel and will receive different information the team needs to know to succeed. While playing as either the captain, weapons, helm, engineering, communications or science you can only see what’s in front of you or what’s on the main viewscreen. Each player has their specific job.

The captain doesn’t have any controls, he much prefers to just shout orders at the crew to ensure things get done. This game requires military style communication precision, within minutes you’ll be saying things like “helm, set course for Deep Space 1 half impulse.” Incredibly fun, even though it can be a little stressy at times.

1. Portal

4. Magicka


This game is incredibly fun, crazy and sometimes annoying but you’ll always find yourself going back for more. Sidenote, the revival spell is the most important thing in the game alongside the self heal spell. You’ll be thrown across the screen, bashed in the head and swung at by trees, as long as you understand the elements and the importance of running away you’ll be fine.

Cast fireballs, rockslides, blizzards or lightning storms in a variety of different ways to defend yourself against the enemy. Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself with all the intricate spell combinations!

These intricate spell combinations also lead to some awesome take downs of the enemy, one person hit him with a water blast, next freeze him with ice then shatter him with a boulder shot. Playing with friends is the best way of playing this game.

3. Trine

129 - Trine

Throughout the Trine series I’ve had many hours of fun, the game looks amazing, the gameplay is fun and the price is lower than it should be for a game of this calibur.

As well as playing this game as a local co op you can play online co op too. Up to four players this game plays incredibly well as a co op game, with the ability to switch between different characters in the game when you want. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes fun but never stressful. A great little chill out game.

2. Cloudberry Kingdom


This is a manic, fun and sometimes frustrating platformer. You start off by customising your character to look hideous/nice/funny (depending on what type of gamer you are) then you get in to the crazy games.

Within the game you have to jump through laser beams, across different types of platforms, dodge razor blades, but you never get shot at which is nice. You can spend some points that you always have too many of to make a level easier with slow motion or with a helpful ball that will show you the way.

It seems like this game has an infinite amount of levels, please screenshot and comment below if you actually manage to even get to level 320!

1. Portal

Games wallpaper gaming portal 2

Let’s be honest, there couldn’t be any other winner of this list. Portal is legendary in the gaming world, both Portal and Portal 2. Portal 2 is the best local co op game ever. My only issue with it is that it might be a little short. But that might be because I played this constantly until I finished it. I was hooked.

Local co op or online co op this is a great game to play with a friend. Figure out puzzles with your friend in an ever fun way. This is one of few games that I’ve never got annoyed at. A great feature in this game too is that you can see what the other person sees if you want, which is really helpful in online co op, not so much local co op.




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