The Top 5 CSGO Teams Of 2015


This is our top 5 teams of 2015, purely based off our opinion, with a few facts slotted in there along the way.

1. Fnatic

Wins 232 / draws 1 / losses 106

There’s no disputing the fact that fnatic are number one this year. We’ve heard it time and time again, it’s the fnatic era. The only team to come close to the Swedes was EnVyUs who apparently are having internal issues towards the end of this year. Fnatic have been dominant this year with pronax and then half way through the year the team made the hard decision to cut pronax for dennis, which in my opinion was probably the right thing to do. Flusha has stepped up to be the ingame leader and the team are now better than ever. The increased fire-power has improved the team especially since flusha stepping up to be the ingame leader hasn’t affected his fragging too much. This team is simply the best of 2015, there’s no arguing the point.

2. EnVyUs

Wins 208 / draws 0 / losses 121

Now, second is a whole different matter, this can be argued. I feel EnVyUs has deserved second place since they are a Major winner this year. Second is the most contested spot this year, you could argue that TSM, Na`Vi or Virtus.Pro is deserved of second but I think because EnVyUs won the Major and had a good run where we thought it may be the start of the EnVyUs era and the fall of fnatic. But what actually happened is that fnatic came back fighting and EnVyUs, towards the end of the year, fell off a little. However, even though they’ve slumped slightly at the end of the year I think this team has had an incredible 2015.

3. ex-TSM/TQM/?

Wins 231 / draws 0 / losses 121

This roster has been floating around the top of the scene but seem to always fall at the last hurdle. They seem to choke every time they’re close to winning a high profile tournament. They’ve still not won a Major but they’ve had some great results this year. Consistently hitting second and third this team is solid and I expect them to take over EnVyUs in the next year.

4. Na`Vi

Wins 199 / draws 0 / losses 145

Another team that hasn’t really won anything this year but have been floating around the top. Na`Vi have had a strong finish to the year. The team seems to be revolving around GuardiaN, if he doesn’t turn up one of the other members need to, and most often do. This team should be knocking on the top twos door but currently I don’t see them that way. They seem inconsistent, and some times a little ragey. I think 2016 will bring a roster swap for this CIS team. But nevertheless a solid year for Na`Vi.

5. Virtus.Pro

Wins 210 / draws 2 / losses 148

Virtus.Pro are another team that I think is inconsistent. They’re not constantly getting in to finals, but the finals they do get in they always seem to win or come incredibly close to winning. If this team is on form for the whole of the year they could easily be top 2, but the issue is they slump more than a flump. If this team can sort out their inconsistency issues then they will have a great 2016, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Expect Virtus.Pro to be in around the same place next year.

Best Up and Comer


They’ve had a great year and have really made their mark as a top tier team. Their efficiency and innovation has improved the game massively over the past year. They’ve helped the world recognise South America as a region that can bring some top class talent in to the CSGO pro scene. They’ve changed the way Mirage is played strategically, bringing in strats that have focused on the connector area and how to effectively smoke that off. They’ve beaten the top tier teams throughout the year and I don’t think they get enough credit. So an honourable mention to Luminosity.




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