Minecraft – Clueless First Impressions


My friend and I hopped on not knowing what to do. Never played before, and fuck instructions, so we downloaded the server jar, hosted on my box, port forwarding on aaaaand booya. Just around the time I figured out you can punch the shit out of a tree for woods some green NPC showed up near my friend. And fucking suicide bombed him. Ho-lee-fuck.

So I looked around. They were everywhere. Luckily my friend was reincarnated and we ran like hell. Oh we fucking ran until the sun came up. We had to survive. Food. Shelter. A shitty wooden sword. We were ready for the horde.

Other friends joined us in our quest for survival. We built safer and safer shelter. Made machines to help us get gunpowder from creepers. Made defense mechanisms. We each had our own jobs and we did it well. But there were some disagreements. We banished a few from our town, and they left to create their own. But it didn’t end there. Fire. Slaughter. Riots. There was a war…

And in the end, the two friends who had helped each other survive this strange, new world, killed each other, with our towns, creations, and work in ruins. Maybe that’s how the world just works…




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