Energems Energy Chocolates – The Future of Gaming Fuel


I’m currently buzzing off every wall and let me proceed to tell you why.

Energems is a revolutionary product that is perfect for the gaming industry. How many times are you playing a game at one o’clock in the morning and you need a little extra energy to stay awake but don’t want the horrible taste of an energy drink? If you’re anything like me then that’s a lot.

Energems gives you an amazing alternative for the naff tasting energy drink, chocolate. Energy packed chocolate.

They’ve created a way to give you the same amount of energy a disgusting energy drink will give you but in a tasty, hard-coated, chocolate gem. You could easily sit and eat these like sweets.

These amazing energy sweets come in three different flavours, chocolate, mint and peanut butter. My favourite flavour is the chocolate mint, however they’re all incredibly good with everyone in the office picking a different favourite.

You would have thought these would be packed full of calories too, well they’re not, only 15 calories each. These are perfect for LANs where staying awake gaming in to the early hours of the morning necessary.

One box is worth three cups of coffee and costs $2.99 online at Energems.net. We’ll have some at Insomnia51 if you would like to try before you buy and say hi to us at the same time.




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