BlockStorm Review


BlockStorm is an FPS set in a world that consists entirely of  destructible blocks complete with in-game editor. This allows you to fully customise your game and quickly share your creations with other players. You’re free to create your own maps and characters from scratch or simply customise existing ones.

Weapons range from precise rifles to heavy machine guns or even explosives capable of destroying hiding places and creating tactical advantages. So now, there really is no hiding place that a pesky camper can hide in the game’s 3 modes – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Assault.

We’ve been playing a lot of Blockstorm and it has some really great features, the customisation is really cool, the gameplay and reg of shots is solid for a FPS and we absolutely love the destructible environment. All this brings a unique and incredibly fun outlook to the game as well as engaging, addictive gameplay.




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