NiP Struggle Through to the Final vs Fnatic After 3 Maps Against LDLC


The first map in this second semi final will be Inferno with NiP on CT, the second, Nuke with LDLC on CT and Cobblestone will be the final map.

LDLC win the pistol on Inferno even after a stack by NiP on B and an arch to B split for LDLC. The French LDLC convert the eco rounds to make it 3-0. 7-0 and we see a timeout for the teams to talk it over and try to sway momentum towards themselves.

After a strong T side by LDLC the half finishes with a 1v1 friberg vs Happy and friberg winning it. LDLC take the first half 11-4.

The first pistol round of the second half goes in LDLCs favour after a nice few usp shots from Happy in the B bombsite. LDLC then pick up the rest of the rounds that they need to go on to match point with 11 match points for them they pick up Inferno, 16-9. Next map Nuke.


LDLC start on the CT side to try and get that momentum once again. NiP take the pistol after some great work by Get_Right with the pistol. apEX gets a huge four man in the second round giving LDLC the 1-1 scoreline. NiP come back from 4-1 down to 4-4 after some close rounds and nice clutches.

Close round after close round sees us go in to a 9-6 half time score in favour of the T side NiP.

NiP take the all important pistol round after Xizt comes up clutch in the lower bombsite, they get the next eco rounds and it’s 12-6 NiP. The buy round goes in the favour of the Swedes and we’re at 13-6, this should be NiPs map. 16-6 NiP, Cobblestone will be the decider.


NiP starting T side rush B on the first round and can’t take it against the LDLC hold. Xizt gets a huge 1v2 against LDLC getting the second round for NiP, 1-1. NiP then convert the eco rounds and make it a 3-1.

LDLC bring it back to a 4-3 in favour of the French after some great holds. NiP try, try and try again to get in to a bombsite but to no avail. Then, a pause comes in for LDLC.

The Swedes win the first round post-pause, 7-4. NiP take the momentum with them and win three in a row to make it 7-6. Another timeout comes in.

LDLC come out of the time out strong, getting that momentum back and winning the first round out of the timeout, 8-6. NiP storm the B site and get the last round making it 8-7 in favour of LDLC at the half.

In the first round we see LDLC rush straight up mid get the bomb down and see themselves in a 1v2 which NiP win, 8-8. We then see LDLC try to take charge getting 9-9 then in to another 1v1 but friberg once again comes up clutch for NiP.

Round for round these two teams keep up but after a 1v1 Get_Right loses NiP have to eco to give LDLC the 12-10 lead. NiP come back with their double awp set up, 12-12 with LDLC on an eco. NiP take the gun round making it 14-12, LDLC now have to force to stay in the map and the tournament.

apEX gets taken out by and awp early in the round, surely this will be match point for NiP, but no LDLC take it after some great teamplay and fragging from the French. KQLY steps up and takes the round for LDLC making it 14-14, this is one to watch on the VoDs even if it’s on Cobblestone.

NiP force buy to try and win the game, they don’t want overtime. NiP take two early frags, two returned by LDLC, Happy finds himself the last alive and can’t do anything. Match point for NiP, 15-14.

Both teams have weapons on the final round of this map if we don’t go to overtime. NiP get three kills without a reply, NiP take it. NiP win, 16-14. They’re in the final vs Fnatic.





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