Viewers Guide To 2019 CWL Pro League Qualifiers


The CWL (Call Of Duty World League) starts on the 4th February with their LAN qualifiers for the last 12 spots in the league taking place on the 16th – 20th January.

The qualifiers will be held in the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio with the teams that placed 5th – 32nd at CWL Las Vegas fighting for the last 12 spots in the 2019 Pro League.

FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Mindfreak and Evil Geniuses have all changed their rosters since CWL Las Vegas after poor performances and are looking at a chance to play against the top four teams from CWL Las Vegas; OpTic Gaming, eUnited, Splyce and Luminosity in February.

These qualifiers see 28 teams seeded in to 4 groups of 7 with the top 2 teams in each group automatically qualifying and 3rd and 4th place teams advancing to a double elimination play-off bracket.

The CWL Pro League Qualifier can be viewed starting at 11am CT (5pm GMT) on Wednesday, 16th Jan via both MLG’s website and the official Call of Duty Twitch channel.

Matches start at 11am CT (5pm GMT) on each day of the competition. The final match on Wednesday is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm CT (00:30 GMT), while the last series on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is set for 5pm CT (23:00 GMT). Sunday’s final match is expected to begin at 8pm CT (02:00 GMT) due to the double-elimination bracket.


  • 1st – 2nd – Qualify
  • 3rd – 5th – Playoff spot
  • 6th – 8th – Eliminated

Pool A

Team Roster
Team Sween QwiKeR, Nolson, Weeman, Dylan, Braain
Reciprocity Tommey, Wuskin, Zed, Seany, Denz
FaZe Clan Attach, ZooMaa, Cellium, Replays, Priestahh
Teddy’s Team TeddyRecKs, Ramby, Super, Apox, Zaptius
FC Black Asim, Tisch, GRVTY, Mosh, Phantomz
Niall’s Team Niall, Creza, Deleo, endurAAA, Keza
Enigma6 General, Diabolic, KiSMET, Kade, Frosty

Pool B

Team Roster
Lightning Pandas Alexx, Dqvee, Joshh, MadCat, Peatie
Team Envy Huke, Apathy, ACHES, SiLLY, Assault
G2 Esports Blazt, Chino, Lacefield, Decemate, Methodz
Heretics KFC Lucky, MethodZ, Sukry, JurNii, MeTTalZz
Tainted Minds Damage, Nimble, Swiftazor, Setzyy, Zepa
Fact Revolution Cammy, Defrag, Chain, Maple, SunnyB
Vodafone Giants TojoR, envdiaN , YaKo, Inven, Pepo

Pool C

Team Roster
SpaceLy’s Team SpaceLy, Havok, MajorManiak, Nagafen, Maux
100 Thieves Kenny, SlasheR, Enable, Octane, Fero
Pittsburgh Knights GodRx, Pandur, Parasite, Ricky, Saints
Excelerate Beehzy, FA5TBALLA, MRuiz, Believe, ProFeeZy
Midnight Esports Brack, JetLi, Parzelion, Envoy, LlamaGod
Overtime eSport Wailers, ZeeK, rizK, Breszy, Natashay
Mazer Gaming Destiny, Vicious, Newbz, Wrecks, SupremeAgility

Pool D

Team Roster
Evil Geniuses Goonjar, Faccento, Xotic, FeLo, Royalty
Red Reserve Joee, Rated, Skrapz, Bance, Zer0
UYU Mayhem, Spoof, Proto, Skyz
Mindfreak Shockz, Louqa, Fighta, Excite, Swifty
The Imperial Hawqeh, Denza, Moose, Reedy, Vortex
Movistar Riders PuNi, Sammy, Katru, Supraaz, Oney
Nation of Power Slater, Mizuno, Reign6, RobbieB3319, Zinx



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