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Created by PixelNAUTS, out for release on 12th May this is LOST ORBIT.

Stranded after his ship is destroyed in deep space, Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker and our hero, must struggle to find his way home…

LOST ORBIT centers around the exploration of space. Players take control of a lone astronaut (Harrison) who sets off on a dangerous journey to rejoin his civilization, armed with only an improvised set of equipment and a relentless spirit. Without the help of his ship, Harrison will need to use the gravitational forces of planets to navigate and propel himself through space.

Set in a world rich with comedy and tragedy, LOST ORBIT is a game filled with risk, loneliness, wonder, and death.

Game Features

  • Explore 40 levels set across 4 unique solar systems on your perilous journey home.
  • Each level features a detailed ranking system and time trial mode.
  • Choose and upgrade your set of abilities to customize Harrison as you see fit through a light RPG system.
  • Boost, swim, bounce, leap and teleport your way through a myriad of obstacles.
  • Simple and intuitive controls make the game easy to pick up, yet surprisingly deep.
  • Balanced between tense technical moments and cathartic graceful flight, LOST ORBIT is a game that is instantly immersive and satisfying to play.
  • Die alone in space; where no one will know of your struggle.

Greenlit on June 25th this game has taken a world that looks like a redesigned, modernised Asteroids and put in a cute character to explore with. This indie game has taken on an art style similar to Borderlands and features incredibly fast, immersive gameplay in a cool space setting that honestly, I love. If you’re looking for a cool game to spend a few hours in this is perfect. It’s a nice story, coupled with a character you can customise and constantly improve and the gameplay is awesome. I highly recommend this game, but at the right price. I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for this, even though I think it’s a cool game it could get old.

LOST ORBIT does have full controller support (I’d recommend playing with a controller), Steam Achievements, and Steam stats, but what I would have liked to see from a game like this is a local multiplay, possibly even an online multiplayer that expands further than the ranking system.

The Review


8 Score

"A cool indie game with a great art style, awesome gameplay, a cute character and storyline plus replayability (albeit limited). If this game doesn't bring out DLC and offers more levels for free and is cheaper than £20 I would definitely say this is a must buy."

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The Good

  • Borderlands Style Graphics
  • Fast Engaging Gameplay

The Bad

  • Limited Replayability


  • Gameplay 80%
  • Graphics 90%
  • Uniqueness 80%
  • Story 80%
  • Amount of Content 40%
  • Price 90%



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