CS:GO Nade Spots – Inferno Booster Pack, 13 Smokes, 7 Flashes and 2 Molotovs


All Timings for the Nade Spots:

0:20 Smokes
0:22 T Spawn to Top of Banana
0:43 T Spawn to Banana Car Roof
1:06 T Spawn to Banana and Car Roof Together
1:32 Second Mid to Mid Right
1:41 Second Mid to Mid Left
2:01 Second Mid to Mid Right (without smoking apps door)
2:23 Mid to Pit (Two Smokes)
3:08 Arch to Pit
3:42 Arch to B Banana
3:55 CT Spawn to Top of Banana
4:26 CT Spawn to Banana Car Roof
4:45 CT B Rush Car Roof Smoke and Flash

5:00 Flashes
5:02 Ruins to Banana
5:15 Ruins Steps to Banana Pop
5:42 Spools to Banana Pop
6:00 Graveyard to Small Pit
6:14 Graveyard to Small Pit, Short and Apps
6:32 Boiler to App T Entrance
6:44 Boiler to App T Stairs

7:05 Molotovs
7:07 Banana Car to both Fruit spots
7:31 Middle to Crawlspace




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