Pumping Money Back in to the Game – What Valve Can Achieve With a Little Investment


We all know that CSGO makes an incredible amount of money per month off skins, stickers and music kits but where is that money going?

Some of that money is going to funding tournaments, some of that money goes to the developers and some of the money goes to server up keep.

Where some of this money needs to go to is designers.

The game overall is being stuffed with many different design functions such as skins, new maps and stickers. But, hardly any of this money is going to these designers.

I’m all for the community designing their own and these included in operations but Valve need to hire people such as FMPONE and Volcano. These people are building high quality maps that the community want to see, they listen, they design and they do it well.

And these people need to be known, celebrated and put to work making the game infinitely better.

The Counter Strike series has had maps go through the ages, from CS2D to Condition Zero to 1.6 to Source and NOT to Global Offensive. Why not?! We only just got Season made by FMPONE, Tuscan is in the works, Contra is a lost cause and we need more than what we have. Plus half of what we have isn’t good enough to be put in the Active Duty Map Pool.

Hire a good community member to work full time on improving the game to help churn out quality updates that have new, good maps the community want to see and relieve some of the stress from the main developer crew of only a couple of people.




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