Troll your friends – Minecraft Door


For this troll you need any pickaxe, which is pretty easy to get, a redstone torch, something a little bit harder to get, and an actual friend, which is the hardest thing to get in this short build. If you managed to find one of his/her iron doors with a pressure plate in front, get your pranking pants ready!

Troll your friends - Minecraft Door

Step 1

Break the iron door.

Step 1 - Minecraft

Step 2

Dig two blocks down from the block where the iron door used to stand.

Step 2 - Minecraft

Step 3

Place a redstone torch at the bottom. It does not matter how it is placed just as long as it is at the bottom.

Step 3 - Minecraft

Step 4

Obviously, you need to then get out of the hole you’ve made.

Step 4 - Minecraft

Step 5

Cover the hole with a block any block.

Step 5 - Minecraft

Step 6

Place the iron door back sideways. To do this, look at the direction of the wall, then look downwards without changing your direction, then place the iron door.

Step 6 - Minecraft

Step 7

Step on the pressure plate to update the iron door.

Step 7 - Minecraft

Because the iron door is powered, it gets locked. Whenever your friend steps on the pressure plate, it won’t open.

Because the iron door is powered

When your victim destroys the iron door then tries to fix it by placing it back on the same spot, it will stay open due to still being powered by the redstone torch.

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