We Sat Down With Patriot eSports For A Quick Interview


Thanks for doing an interview with us, first can you tell our readers a little bit about Patriot eSports?

Some of us are affiliated with the army and other services so we thought the name would be a good fit. Also several of us are ex pro players from much better known orgs. Our goal is to grow eSports.

What games do you have teams in and which ones would you like to expand in to?

Currently have had teams in CSGO and COD, but we are looking to expand in to League of Legends and DotA 2

What leagues do you play in and where are you placed?

ESEA – Playoffs
CEVO – Playoffs
IronHead – 1st

What’s your greatest achievement as an organisation?

Signing our CSGO team as they’ve really started to take off, will be competing for a large amount of money and are moving up to the next league.


Would you rather never laugh again or never use your smartphone again?

Never use my smartphone. I can’t get through my days without a good laugh!

What is your favourite website (that isn’t your own)?

Favorite website would probably be twitch.tv

How old were you when you started playing competitive games?

12 when I started playing CSGO which is pretty competitive

Do you have a organisation song (if not, what would it be)?

Org song? Never thought of this. Maybe “Mmmmmm”

What’s your best joke?

I don’t joke I’m 100% serious all of the time

Would you rather have no thumbs and only be able to play consoles, or have only thumbs and play PC?

I’d stick to the PC as there is, in my opinion, more of an industry for eSports.chicago-cubs-2

What is your favourite sports team (not esports)?

Favourite sports team would easily be the Chicago Cubs. They’re winning this year

Where can people find you on social media?

Do you want to give any shoutouts?

Shoutout to all the Pearrrrss



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