Interview With David From Kingdom eSports


Thanks for doing an interview with us, first can you tell our readers a little bit about Kingdom eSports?

I am David and I am the owner of Kingdom eSports. It was established back in November of 2015 with the intent of housing the best amateur players in various games. We have since shifted focus to becoming a pure professional team. We strive to be the best and will be a top tier organization.

What games do you have teams in and which ones would you like to expand in to?

We currently have teams in Rainbow 6:Siege and Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Have something in the works currently with an upcoming fighting game called Brawlhalla and also would like to expand into Smite!

What leagues do you play in and where are you placed?

The Rainbow 6:Siege team is competing in the ESL Pro League and currently in a 3 way tie for 4th place. They play every Thursday and it’s an 8 week league, with the finals being on LAN in Germany for $50,000! The Counter Strike team is in ESEA and CEVO Main, and currently competing in every CEVO/ESEA Online tournaments available. We are also planning to attend our first LAN event as a team called Fragadelphia 8, which will be at the end of May.

What’s your greatest achievement as an organisation?

Greatest achievement so far has to be bringing on our first truly professional team with our Rainbow 6 team. That’s what really made us shift focus from the mindset of housing amateur players to focus on professional teams going forward.

Would you rather never laugh again or never use your smartphone again?

Definitely never use my smartphone again. I could never go through life without laughing, it’s a key to being healthy in my opinion! I love to laugh and make others laugh.

What is your favourite website (that isn’t your own)?


How old were you when you started playing competitive games?

I think I personally started playing competitive games in the original Rainbow 6 on PC. I remember the MSN Zone and if you had cable internet you were a GOD!

Do you have a organisation song (if not, what would it be)?

No specific song, but a song I would get the boys hype to would have to be like some DMX Ruff Ryders or Drowning Pool – Let the Bodies hit the floor. Two super hype songs!

Who is the best player in your organisation?

In terms of Rainbow 6, nvK is our pride and joy 🙂

Would you rather have no thumbs and only be able to play consoles, or have only thumbs and play PC?

Hmm odd question, but I would go with PClarge

What is your favourite sports team (not esports)?

Carolina Panthers baby! #KeepPounding


Where can people find you on social media?

@KingdomeSports_ on Twitter and KingdomeSportsHQ on YouTube

Do you want to give any shoutouts?

Shoutouts to everyone on our teams and everyone that supports us. We would not be a organization if it wasn’t for the players that make up the teams and the talent they possess. Also our fans and supports, we wouldn’t be growing like we do with you guys and gals. I can never express how much I appreciate the support we receive from the different gaming communities. Thank all of you!




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