Commitment & Stability: Bringing UK CSGO Back to the Top


We all know that UK CSGO isn’t at the top of the CSGO community. We’ve not had a team that could compete at the top since Anexis UK (who even in themselves didn’t achieve what they set out to), now we can barely challenge teams at the lower end of the top16 scale.There’s many different reasons for this, small split communities such as invite only Facebook groups and small communities dotted all around the place as well as UK teams not really being teams.

UK teams are, lets be honest, a mess. The only thing consistent about them is change. Top UK teams are the same pool of 10-15 players swapping and folding regularly and unlike the Danish scene, the individual talent doesn’t measure up either. Half of the veterans are currently nowhere to be seen and there isn’t enough talented players left who can compete internationally to form a capable team.This is toxic for the growth and success of UK CSGO and why we need more support, more little tournaments like the Dignitas cups and more exposure.

Previously articles have said that CS is dead as an eSport and CSGO isn’t worth the effort, but with combined viewer numbers of just over 250,000 it’s very much alive and only getting bigger. What isn’t is UK CSGO.

We can rebuild and expand the community. We can compete at the top of the international scene again. We need to stop with this large pool of players floating at the top of the UK scene and the bottom of the EU scene. This isn’t a personal dig at any UK players; quite the contrary. There are some talented players in the UK and people who have great potential, but who just can’t get their big break. What people need to do here is pick 4 team mates who share your passion for the game and play with them, and only them, against other teams of 5 throughout Europe. Don’t just play other UK teams. Play Euro teams and study your mistakes. Study your opponents. What did you do wrong? What did they do right?

Organisations need to recognise this is what the UK scene needs, they need to be stricter with teams. For example don’t payout until the team has played the second LAN together, or has been together for a year. The players themselves need more discipline and can’t just expect results without hard work.

In conclusion, the community needs to be just that, a community, everyone needs to come together in one place and promote new players and teams. Mix teams need to die for the UK CSGO scene to prosper. It’s as simple as that. Get a lineup of players of the same skill as you and play together, win together, lose together and improve together.




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