The Unspoken Rules of Counter Strike


If you’ve played enough CSGO you’ll know there’s a couple of unspoken rules that you should follow.

If someone crouches in buy time, you get them a weapon.

You don’t blame/make fun of your “worst” player, he already knows he is struggling, no need to make it worse.

When your teammate is in a 1v1 he doesn’t need you to be his ear and brain. Just let him play.

The bomb never goes first

If your teammate dies you better get that trade kill

gl hf gg gh, keep to some etiquette

Don’t buy an autosniper

Pick up an AWP at the end of the round for your team AWPer

Don’t cheat (obvious)

If the enemy pulls out a knife in a 1v1 you also pull out a knife

If your teammate has 4 kills you let him get the 5man

When you die don’t scream or shout just call where he is

Use tab to look at the money at the start of the round to work out if your team can buy

Don’t say gg unless one team has 16 rounds





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