Winning at CSGO Roulette – Is It Possible?


Obviously many people win at CSGO roulette, which is why it’s very popular. There’s a couple different strategies you can go with when gambling.

1. Roulette CSGO with a minimum deposit of $0.10

This is probably the most popular way. Just bet $0.10 and hope to God that you’re lucky. I’m not sure why people choose this strategy as it seems like it’s not very successful as your chance of winning will be 0.001%.

2. Bet high

This is a fairly expensive way, but the chances of winning are much higher than anything else. Visit the popular roulette betting sites and you’ll understand what I mean.

For this strategy bet some items for $1-2 and wait until the other people bet. When there’s 15-10 seconds left on the countdown bet any knife or something expensive. Hopefully then you will win because you have the highest odds.

My experience playing roulette CS:GO

I have personally played on these websites, such as

I witnessed someone bet a case for $0.10 in a pot that had an Asimov AWP and a M9 bayonet knife in it. I didn’t think he’d win at all but he did. I wish I was that guy!

I’ve won a couple of decent sized pots myself, but nothing like that, it was incredible. So to answer the question, yes it is possible to win on CSGO roulette.

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