Goat Simulator Tips, Cheats, Review and Secrets


Goat Simulator includes a number of bizarre Secrets, Collectables, and Hidden Areas, which is the main aim of the game due to it’s experimental premise.

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Become a Devil Goat, travel to Outer Space and unlock playable whales, giraffes and more.

Fan Room Tricks

The forward and back flipping missions are much easier to achieve in the fan room inside the Low Gravity Research Center. Drop down from a high area behind the fence (earning the Fuck the Police award), then break through the rusty panel beneath the building’s floor. Climb the catwalk then head through the round door. You’ll emerge into a room full of floor fans. The reduced gravity makes earning the tricks awards a literal breeze.


Collecting Golden Goat Statues unlocks a number of special Goat forms called Mutations, which change the look and abilities of the Goat.

huge goat

  • At 5 Trophies found, you unlock Tall Goat
  • At 10 trophies found, you unlock Feather Goat
  • At 20 Trophies found, you unlock Huge Goat
  • At 30 trophies found, you unlock Space Goat

Flappy Goat and Other Hidden Minigames

Goat Simulator includes an incredibly difficult minigame. This minigame is a complete clone of Flappy Bird, called Flappy Goat. Flappy Goat is found on the second floor of the Coffee Stain office on the large screen TV.

flappy goat

Pressing the R key causes your Goat to flap just like tapping the screen in Flappy Bird. Avoid barriers emerging from the right side of the screen to keep playing.

flappy bird

Pressing backspace near the TV opens a secret menu including three other games: Drug Wars, Box Pusher, and Snake.


Drug Wars is a version of the classic text-based trading game. Box Pusher is a puzzle game, and Snake is a variant on the classic cell phone title.

Outer Space

To get to outer space enter the garage of the house pictured below. Look out for the Bacon Beacon inside.

tall goat

Grab the Beacon with your tongue and attach it to the empty pole near the other Beacon in the crop circle located on the hillside in the farm field.

space goat

Wait approximately thirty seconds and see what happens.

King of the Goats

To become the almighty King of the Goats, find the small stone tower. Climb the spiral stair along the outside and enter the door at the top. You’ll be transported to the throne room of the King of the Goats.

king of the goats

Take your place on the throne to gain the power to summon Peasants (goats who fall from the sky) by pressing the Special key.

Activating Devil Goat

Method 1. Become King of the Goats then press the R key five times to drop goats from the sky. Once all five have dropped, they will be sucked together and you will be transformed into a devil goat.

Method 2. To unveil your goat’s demonic aspect, drag five humans to the pentagram hidden in the corner of the woods behind the large blue water slides. Once all five are within the circle, they’ll be sucked together and sacrificed, transforming your goat into an evil super goat.

devil goat

The Devil Goat exudes a misty exhalation as a Special attack. When used, the mist performs warping gravity effects on its target. Holding down the Special key with the tongue extended can cause Satanic Goat to engage in an almost controllable flight.




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