Fragbite Masters Season 3 CSGO Game Predictions – 22/10


After Yesterdays abysmal display of poor conduct from spectators, ddossing games and having games played off stream or postponed due to issues that could have been avoided if the streams weren’t on or if betting didn’t happen. However, here’s our predictions on the games being played in the Fragbite Masters Season 3 tonight.

17:00 LDLC (50%) vs. fnatic (50%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Now, this game is very equal. Both teams are on form at the moment and I feel this game will be the final of the FACEIT league. These two teams are evenly matched, these two teams did recently play a best of three which LDLC won. So my prediction for this game will be another win for LDLC 2-1.

20:00 Na`Vi (60%) vs. Titan (40%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Even though Titan have been playing well I think that Na`Vi have the edge. They recently played a best of three game in the SLTV StarSeries finals which Na`Vi won with ease 2-0. I think like the LDLC fnatic game this will play out much like the SLTV StarSeries finals with a Na`Vi win. If you are going to bet today I would put your high value bet on Na`Vi and low/mid value bet on LDLC.

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