Caseking of Kings Finals Predictions


14:00 NiP vs

In a best of three, online, the odds are stacked against Especially, since NiP have introduced Maikelele. Maikelele has brought in a fresh new look at the NiP play style and has reignited the flair in the team. I think that NiP could take this, depending how the maps turn out. If the maps turn out in Virtus.pros favour, then I think should win. Then again, it is online so I would place a small to medium bet on NiP.

17:00 Cloud9 vs. mousesports

If Cloud9 don’t have another shocker like they did against Epsilon the other week we should see a Cloud9 win. mousesports haven’t been playing at the top of the EU scene a lot recently, focusing more on the local ESL Pro League Qualifiers and small events. Cloud9 are still boot camping it in Europe and will be improving every day and becoming a top tier team worldwide. I think that Cloud9 should be able to win in a best of three, there’s no way they can be upset again, and if they do it’s a best of three so the Americans still have a good chance of winning. I’d put a medium to high bet on this match in favour of Cloud9.

19:30 Final

If our predictions are correct then we should see a NiP Cloud9 final. In this event I would put my money on NiP. However, if it is a Cloud9 final I would put my money on Cloud9. If mousesports somehow get through I would bet against mousesports.




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