FACEIT and Fragbite Masters CSGO Predictions 1/10


Here’s my predictions for tonights games in FACEIT Season 2 and Fragbite Masters Season 3. We’ve got a lot of games tonight most of which are close games that could go either way.

17:00 Virtus.pro (60%) vs. NiP (40%)

FACEIT Season 2

Both of these teams are seen as teams that should be finishing top 4 in every event, but, I feel like they’ve not been at their best recently. NiP certainly haven’t losing 16-8 to Epsilon as well as 2-0 to Titan and LDLC this week. Virtus.pro haven’t been as bad as NiP but haven’t been looking their best either. Even so, we should see a great game between two top teams looking to get back on a winning streak. Virtus.pro have had the better results in the past couple of weeks, they’ve seen wins against HellRaisers, The Lone Rangers (Now FM eSports) and NiP themselves, 16-7. For this first game of the night I’m going to predict that Virtus.pro will be able to beat NiP somewhat convincingly. 16-9 to VP.

18:00 Epsilon (55%) vs. HellRaisers (45%)

FACEIT Season 2

This second game of the night is a little easier to predict. We see the French Epsilon who have not lost in their last five games play HellRaisers who have only won two of their last five games, and they were against Orbit and The Lone Rangers(FM eSports). However, Epsilon are going to be using a stand in for Uzziii due to DDoS attacks singling him out as an easy target. This could give HellRaisers a weak point to target and exploit, if they do this they could possibly take a win 16-13. However, if Epsilon play together and help their stand in I don’t see any reason why Epsilon couldn’t win, 16-10. If you’re going to put a bet on this game I think it could be beneficial to put a small bet on HellRaisers.

18:00 LDLC (59%) vs. CPH Wolves (41%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

These teams have recently faced off against each other with that game finishing 16-4 to LDLC. CPH Wolves will be looking for revenge, but again this is a best of one so LDLC could easily shut them out and take the win. At this moment in time we do not know the map that will be played, if the map is dust2 the French LDLC team will win. Any other map I think it will be close. LDLC are more practiced than the Danish CPH Wolves team which could show in this game, even if the CPH Wolves team have been playing together for many years and they know each others play style. I’d be looking at an LDLC win but it will be closer than the previous game they played against each other. 16-11 LDLC will be my prediction.

19:00 HellRaisers (40%) vs. LDLC (60%)

FACEIT Season 2

The fourth game of the night will see HellRaisers and LDLC fight it out in a best of one game. I don’t think that the mid table team of HellRaisers will be able to upset the top tier LDLC team in this game. The past three times these teams have played each other LDLC have won 16-13, 16-11 and 16-10. I’m pretty confident that this game will be similar with LDLC winning 16-12. I don’t think there’s any chance of HellRaisers winning this match.

19:30 NiP (95%) vs. Isak (5%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Isak are a new team on the block without many high level results, NiP are top tier veterans that should have an easy time winning this game. I’m expecting a 16-6 win for NiP, hopefully kickstarting a good run of form for the Swedes.

20:00 LDLC (45%) vs. fnatic (55%)

FACEIT Season 2

These two teams haven’t played each other with these current lineups before so this will be an interesting game to watch. fnatic are a top team that should be winning most of their games and LDLC are knocking on the door of a top 5 team. This is definitely a game to watch and will be played on cache. fnatic seem strong on cache beating dignitas in overtime and 3DMAX 16-4 on the map. I’m expecting fnatic to win this, but I’ve not seen them play recently. If they haven’t been practicing and keeping on top of things they could be in trouble against LDLC who have been very busy in terms of CSGO. This game, I think, will go to fnatic 16-13.

21:00 Titan (50%) vs. NiP (50%)

FACEIT Season 2

Played on inferno this game will see a repeat of the game played between these two teams on the 30/9 in the SLTV StarSeries XI. That game was close, ending in 19-16 to Titan. This will be very similar, the main contribution to who wins this will be the nights previous games, if NiP win both their games I think they’ll win this but if they lose against Isak they’ll crumble in this game. This is definitely an even game that could go either way. I think it will go to overtime again, and if NiP don’t win any of their games tonight they’ll  lose this, if they win them convincingly they could carry that momentum in to this game.

22:00 HellRaisers (45%) vs. Epsilon (55%)

FACEIT Season 2

The final game of the night sees HellRaisers play Epsilon again in FACEIT, this time on mirage. The last time these two teams played against each other on mirage Epsilon won 16-7. Again they will be playing with a stand in. s1mple needs to take middle by force, providing he does this we could see a close game, or at least closer than the last time these teams played each other on mirage. I think HellRaisers could take this, but only just. That’s if s1mple wins the AWP battles and controls the game. My prediction is going to be a close win for HellRaisers, 16-14.

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