Predictions for Today’s CEVO LAN Finals and Hitbox Arena Championship 3 Quarter Final – 10/10


There aren’t many games going on tonight but the games that are on are best of threes against some interesting, and new teams (especially to the EU scene). The North American games will be fun to watch, they will bring something different to the normal EU play style, and the wildcard MTW team who have been doing well in the Hitbox Arena Championship will be good to see what they can do against the strong dignitas lineup.

14:00 iBUYPOWER (55%) vs. (45%)

CEVO Season 5 LAN Finals

This best of three game between two top North American teams sees iBUYPOWER, who have been active in the EU community play against who are known for their gameplay and knowledge of the game. The last time these teams played against each other NetcodeGuides won 16-14. I would expect that this will be another close game, especially on LAN where anything could happen. My prediction will be that iBUYPOWER step it up at LAN and win 2-1.

16:30 Cloud9 (55%) vs. Denial (45%)

CEVO Season 5 LAN Finals

Cloud9 are another team that have been involed with the EU scene, so I would have thought the betting percentages will favour them heavily. The last time these two teams played against each other the game ended in a win for Cloud9, 16-11. I think the streamers of Cloud9 have the edge of Denial, but again my view is slightly skewed. This will be interesting to watch and I would guess that this is a win for Cloud9, 2-1; they have more LAN experience and in my opinion can handle pressure better.

19:00 dignitas (70%) vs. MTW (30%)

Hitbox Arena Championship 3

This is another best of three game for today, dignitas who have been struggling a little previously, with a win against HellRaisers 16-5 ending their losing streak last night, play against MTW who haven’t really been that impressive in the top EU scene. I think that dignitas are going to want to win this quarter final in Hitbox Arena and will absolutely decimate the german MTW. My bet will be on dignitas to win 2-0 without too many issues.

21:00 iBUYPOWER (60%) vs. Cloud9/Denial (40%)

CEVO Season 5 LAN Finals

After iBUYPOWERs 2-0 victory against NetcodeGuides I would expect them to carry that momentum in to the final of CEVO and take the season victory against the winner of Cloud9 vs. Denial. Again, the American scene is unpredictable as we have limited information but I would put a bet on iBUYPOWER to win 2-1.




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