Predictions and Betting Advice for Today’s CSGO Games – 7/10


18:00 mousesports (65%) vs. Property (45%)

Millienium Showmatch

In a show match anything can happen, one team could take it very seriously whereas another may take a slightly more relaxed approach to the whole game. However, previous results and the individual skill of mousesports is just too strong for Property to win this match. I’m predicting a 16-8 win for mousesports.

18:00 dignitas (60%) vs. Titan (40%)

FACEIT Season 2

As I still favour dignitas to take the victory I don’t think this game is as one sided as it was a couple of months ago before Dreamhack Stockholm. The French have certainly proved themselves and could easily take this game if they have enough momentum at the start of the game and win the pistol rounds. My prediction will be a 16-14 win for dignitas.

19:00 LDLC (55%) vs. (45%)

FACEIT Season 2

This game could go either way, still haven’t been practicing with pasha due to his baby even though he has been streaming still, but that is more fun counter strike than keen team game strategically planned games. I wouldn’t put any money on this game but if I was forced, LDLC would be my choice. They seem stronger and could defeat even though on paper I would class these two teams as equals. 16-13 LDLC.

19:00 Epsilon (55%) vs. Alternate (45%)

Hitbox Arena 3

Alternate haven’t seen much high level CSGO recently, whereas Epsilon have had many games providing great opportunity for practising, learning and improving. Therefore I think that the French can win this game quite comfortably. The individual skill of the French is also higher than Alternate’s individual skill. My prediction will be a comfortable win for Epsilon 2-0.

20:00 fnatic (60%) vs. NiP (40%)

FACEIT Season 2

Even though NiP seem to be improving and getting back on track from their dismal form I don’t think they’re up to the old NiP standard that could easily beat fnatic. This will be a best of one so there won’t be any leeway for the Swedish NiP team therefore I can confidently say that fnatic will win this. I think it will be close though, 16-12 to fnatic.

21:00 Epsilon (20%) vs. dignitas (80%)

FACEIT Season 2

To be quite frank, Epsilon simply aren’t up to dignitas’ standards. Their individual skill isn’t better than dignitas’, their team play isn’t better than dignitas’ and their strategic gameplay isn’t as good as dignitas’. I can’t see Epsilon winning this game at all. I think they’ll be able to get a few rounds against dignitas but I would definitely recommend putting a high value bet on dignitas. My prediction: 16-7 dignitas.

22:00 HellRaisers (40%) vs Titan (60%)

FACEIT Season 2

This is a closer game than it would have been a couple of months ago with both teams improving considerably in the recently weeks. HellRaisers had a good finish at Game Show LAN and Titan has won Dreamhack Stockholm. I feel that winning Dreamhack Stockholm is a bigger achievement, because of this and Titans strong recent results I think the French will take the victory. This will be a close game and could go down to whoever wins a pistol round. I wouldn’t bet on this but if I had to, I would put my skins/money on Titan to win, 16-13.

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