FACEIT Season 2 CSGO Predictions and Betting Advice – 6/10


Today we’ll predict the FACEIT Season 2 games going on today all night between some of the top teams in the world, certainly in Europe. So let’s get to it!

19:00 HellRaisers (30%) vs. fnatic (70%)

FACEIT Season 2

This match will see one of the best teams in the world right now fnatic play HellRaisers, who recently finished well at Game Show LAN Finals, the map being inferno. Last time these two teams played each other on inferno fnatic won 16-13, with their last four games being relatively close, one draw and two wins for fnatic, 16-8 and 16-12. HellRaisers recent losses have been to Na`Vi, which I feel aren’t as good as fnatic, so theoretically fnatic should win this map. I’m going to predict that fnatic will win 16-11.

20:00 dignitas (60%) vs. NiP (40%)

FACEIT Season 2

Overpass will be the map of choice for these two teams, a map I feel NiP are stronger on. But their recent form and matches against dignitas show that dignitas should be the victor in this game. My prediction will be a dignitas win, the recent form of NiP just isn’t good enough for them to be winning games against such on form teams like dignitas. 16-12 dignitas.

21:00 Titan (65%) vs. Virtus.pro (35%)

FACEIT Season 2

With Virtus.pro getting beaten by HellRaisers and Na`Vi with the expected lineup that includes MICHU I don’t think they’ll be able to muster up a win against the strong French team Titan on nuke. However, if they get CT side first they may be able to shut out the French, get a strong, 10-13 rounds on CT side then struggle to a victory. I certainly don’t see them getting very many rounds on T side with a standin, they simply won’t have had time to go over any strats. If Titan get CT side the game will finish 16-6. If Virtus.pro get CT side the game will finish 16-12.

22:00 Epsilon (30%) vs. LDLC (70%)

FACEIT Season 2

Even with a full lineup on dust2 Epsilon simply aren’t the best team in France. They come third to LDLC and Titan, ScreaM can’t kill everyone all the time, however hard he may try. The strong lineup of LDLC will be able to bring a convincing win even on a volatile map such as dust2. My prediction for this game will be a 16-9 win for LDLC.

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