ESWC Day 2 CSGO Tournament Betting Advice and Predictions – 31/10


The second day of ESWC 2014 sees some great games against some top teams, here’s our predictions and betting advice.

8:30 dignitas (80%) vs 3DMAX (20%)

There’s no way that dignitas should be losing this game, 3DMAX aren’t up to the standard that dignitas play at, even when they aren’t in form. My skins will be on dignitas, I’d bet high so you can win high. 16-8 dignitas.

9:30 Copenhagen Wolves (45%) vs NiP (55%)

This is a close game, I feel like NiP haven’t been up to standard these past few months. They should beat CPH Wolves but there’s always the chance that they will crumble at LAN and CW will win. I’d put a medium bet on NiP but if you’re feeling risky I’d put a small bet on CPH Wolves. My prediction for this is 16-12 NiP.

10:30 HellRaisers (60%) vs Copenhagen Wolves (40%)

As opposed to NiP I feel HellRaisers have been consistently good the past few weeks but they have been beaten by CPH Wolves before 2-1 in a best of three. I think this game, on LAN, will go in the way of HellRaisers, they’ve played more LANs together as this lineup and have more experience than CPH Wolves. It’ll be close but I think HellRaisers will win, 16-13.

10:30 iBUYPOWER (75%) vs mousesports (25%)

Considering iBUYPOWER won at the FACEIT LAN Finals I think they’ll have no trouble walking over the lower top tier team mousesports. My prediction for this game is a 16-7 win for iBUYPOWER.

11:30 Titan (50%) vs HellRaisers (50%)

This will be a good game to watch, both teams are knocking on the door of top three and five teams in the world. With Titan recently playing well against LDLC I think that they’ll be able to win a best of one against HellRaisers, however this will be close. I wouldn’t bet on this match, I predict 16-14 Titan.

13:30 NiP (50%) vs HellRaisers (50%)

NiP haven’t been on form recently, HellRaisers have. That’s what this game comes down to. I think the teams are very even in skill, NiP have the better LAN experience and previous accolades. I can’t really decide a victor between these, if I had to choose it would be HellRaisers but I genuinely think this will be a draw. 15-15.

13:30 Copenhagen Wolves (35%) vs Titan (65%)

Titan have been playing well, CPH Wolves aren’t the best team and haven’t been playing a lot recently top tier team-wise. As Titan are on their home soil I’m going to say that they will win. They’ve been playing well, on form and have the better experience CSGO-wise. 16-10 Titan.

14:30 mousesports (25%) vs dignitas (75%)

dignitas are a very good team and are a league above mousesports. I think that dignitas will be winning this game without any trouble at all. 16-5 dignitas.

15:30 NiP (40%) vs Titan (60%)

Another great game to watch this will see NiP play Titan. Titan have won the last four times these two teams have played each other. Since they are playing at home they’re going to win for the fifth time in a row. NiP aren’t up to their previous high standard of winning every game on LAN no problem.

16:30 dignitas (40%) vs iBUYPOWER (60%)

Since the FACEIT Finals have just finished we can’t ignore the win for iBUYPOWER. dignitas haven’t been up to scratch recently either losing to both iBP and fnatic, heavily. My prediction is that iBUYPOWER will win 16-8.

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