Day 3 and the Quarterfinals of ESWC 2014 Predictions and Betting Advice – 1/1


8:30 LDLC (45%) vs Titan (55%)

The first quarter final sees the two French teams LDLC and Titan play against each other in a best of three. Titan have been playing well this LAN beating NiP 16-1 and CPH Wolves 16-5. I think that going off the previous performance at this LAN we’re going to have to give this game to Titan, 2-1. This will be close and I would have said LDLC would win a couple of days ago but Titan have proved they’re in business for a LAN win.

8:30 Na’Vi (55%) vs iBUYPOWER (45%)

These two teams have played a CKoTH before with iBP winning that 2-1, however Na`Vi beating fnatic 16-5 was impressive. I think I’m going to give this win to Na`Vi even after iBUYPOWERs win at the FACEIT LAN last weekend. However, if iBP get Inferno and Cache we could see an iBP win. 2-1 Na`Vi.

11:00 dignitas (55%) vs Virtus.Pro (45%) have four out of the last five times these two teams have played against each other, but dignitas are on a winning streak. I’m going to predict a 2-1 win for dignitas with atleast one game going in to overtime.

11:00 HellRaisers (40%) vs fnatic (60%)

fnatic should beat the HellRaisers team in this best of three, they’ve beaten them four out of five times before quite comfortably too. However the 16-5 defeat against Na`Vi might have knocked the fnatic team’s confidence a little. My prediction will follow the facts, fnatic will win 2-1.

13:00 Semi Final #1

This should see Titan play Na`Vi, in which I think that Titan will win, they have the home advantage and have been playing some really nice CS this LAN.

15:00 Semi Final #2

We should see dignitas play fnatic if all goes to plan which I think fnatic will win, fnatic are considered a top three team in the world right now, dignitas simply aren’t that good any more.




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